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Joshua Samuel Hughes (1982 - 2003)

Josh's sister, Angela, reflects... 

To pick one word to describe Josh is pretty hard to do, but if I had to narrow it down to one, I would use the word, "life." 

My brother was so full of life, he had this energy to him that just radiated from his smile. He believed that we were here to enjoy every minute of every day, not to be worried with the trivial things but to relax and have fun and savor every experience.

I wish everyone could live that way. Josh was a very intelligent and knowledgeable person, (according to him there was nothing he didn’t know.)  When he loved you he loved you completely, he was a loyal and honest friend. Even if it might cause you pain or get him in trouble, he would be brutally honest with you.

He brought such joy to my life, he was my baby brother and I would give my life to have him back. He had a smile for everyone, a contagious chuckle that could bring you out of the worst mood and a passion for life that most of us never feel. In the short time he was with us, he was able to accomplish and enjoy things in life that some of us never take the time to do.

Josh, I will never accept that you are gone. I miss you every day I exist, there is a huge void in the world without you here. I miss having my baby brother give me advice and help me see that we should live each day to the fullest. I hope you are at peace and know that you were loved immeasurably and missed by all.

My love always, Ange


"Ever since the first time I met him he always had the unique ability of making people laugh, and he was never afraid to tell you the truth.  I could always count on Josh for his brutal honesty and constant companionship. 


"When we were friends he shared private things with me but what really came out was his unconditional love for his closest friends and family.  To Josh, his sister and her daughter, Logyn, were number one in his life.  He loved Logyn with everything he had, and it showed everytime he sprinted after the icecream truck to get her the icecream she wanted.  He was the tallest kid in line but he didn't care because the only thing that really mattered was Logyn's happiness. 

"I know I am a better person today for having been loved by Joshua.  I know that I personally will keep his love alive in my heart with my hundreds of amazing stories and memories about that guy who changed my life forever."

~Josh's Girlfriend, Nicky





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